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taco bell commercial


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i know...dope though i reckon....i survived in america for a month on $10 a day and ate more than enough nickel and dime shit food...probably wouldve eaten loads more if they had ads like this playing while i was there...

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i want some tacos and nachos and munchos right now.

good old taco pronto used to be across from aotea square, you could get burrittos and a botomless soda for three bucks or something... goodtimes.


once i was eating a taco in there after we smoked some fucked up chemical as "Phantasy" weed i got of this bum and had the craziest hallucination of this big blue orb coming of out from the tv and enveloping me for the rest of the day. skateboarding inside that orb around the city i was totally invincible... bring back the taco pronto

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