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Would like to go see The Cove tonight. But am going to see Bruno... Also a movie called Soul Power on tonight looks good aswell.


A friend saw Red Cliffs said it was real good.


Wouldnt mind seeing the closing film Antichrist. It caused a bit of a stir at Cannes with people throwing up, some booing and leaving. Could be a bit intense though. I believe its R18 contains explicit sex, graphic violence, genital mutilation.


Also had a look at the synopsis for 'Che' but its 262 minutes long!!! I dont think i could watch a four hour film on Che Guevara

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"dead snow" is awesome if your into nazi zombies with norwegian dialogue....seriously funnier/scarier than you'd imagine...


anyone who doesn't appreciate a nazi zombie film is not to be trusted. gotta see that!

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Wanted to see Red Cliff last weekend


Yea... me and Nato went to see that on Saturday... t'was mean I thought


Who knew you could win an ancient Chinese battle with a cup of tea and the wind?


I just watched part one of this. Fucken awesome. I downloaded the Asian version with english subtitles. The version at the Festival was a US version. Chinese one is 4 hours long and done in two parts. Cant wait for part two.

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Che - 4.5 hours of incredible film making. del Toro deserves the Oscar. 4.5/5.


Dead Snow - Watched on a Friday night to a packed cinema. It knew what kind of film it was and made no apologies for it. The Braindead reference was lol. 4/5.


Embodiment of Evil - Brazilian sequel of sorts to Brazil's first horror film. A 'bad' film in the 'bad cinema' kinda way. Sadly, was less than i was hoping for. 2.5/5

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Been to a few films so far went to Animation Now, which was a series of animated short films.


The two stand out pieces from this screening was Poppy by James Cunningham. You will all try desperately to choke down your own tears if you are so lucky as to see this film. It is a brilliant piece of work and I cannot recommend it enough. In at a very close second is The Employment (El Empleo). This received the loudest round of applause out of all the shorts and also comes highly recommended.


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Went and saw Adventureland last night, was pretty cool. Heartwarming tale yada yada yada.


Really wanted to see Che, especially after seeing his house in Buenos Aires, but my wife bought us tickets to Humpday which was on at the same time.


Humpday was hilariously awkward. The ultimate game of chicken if you will.

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