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dave dub

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hey guys


last night at phace/bulletproof @ coherent i misplaced a dark coloured sony cybershot camera..


if anyone knows anything about its whereabouts it would be much appreciated if you could let me know on here or text me @ 021 2527045..


the camera has heaps of snaps of the night - pics with my mates, djs, the crowd etc.


large cash reward to anyone provides me with information that leads to it being returned.


if you "stumbled upon it"/found it last night i will happily give you the reward too even if your intention was to keep it and never return it.


i really just want the camera back so i can get all the mean photos i took, they are memories of an insane night.





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Have you hit up Andy on the slim chance it got handed into the bar?


nah - do u have his contact details or should i just ring up coherent?


i spoke to the bar staff and bouncers just after i lost it and think i might have moaned about it to flo (from phace) and pat too haha.

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