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picked this up recently on blu-ray and just watched it again.


one of the best if not best action films of all time! so much so that I thought I would start a thread on it.

simple as story ... let put a badass muthafuckin alien in the jungle and send arnie after him, then on top of that add bill duke, jesse ventura and carl weathers in there.

no pissing around straight into it ..... and some of the lines are brilliant!


anyways ... hope the dont fuck up the remake of it, but its gotta be better than those god awful alien vs predator movies.


die hard up next.

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fuck yeah.


predator is one of my fave movies, 90s arnie ftw!


or just 90s action movies ftw .... so many good ones! watched true lies again last night, man - whatever happened to good action movies!? they're so hit & miss these days


die hard rules too ....


i feel a 90s action movies marathon coming on

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