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wanted: room to rent in Auckand


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Hey, Moving to auckland in a few weeks for a new job, looking for somewhere to flat. DJ friendly preferably. I'm easy to live with, clean, responisble and professional. Also will be working 55-60 hours a week so will hardly be there.

Preferably close to CBD as thats where I'll be working.


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If I hear of anyone looking bruv, I'll drop you a PM. PS. Are you actually staying in Auckland so you can meet potentials or you trying to tee it up so you got some options to look at the week you actually move up?

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yeah man, my room is going too, moving out very soon but room will be available for some time.


also open to anyone else looking - details below:


$220 a week which includes bills & internets

just off Upper Queens St

about a 20 minute walk from Fu and the CBD

two guys in there at the moment who are both cool as

has a garden and is a proper house, not a flat

its a big house, decent sized room


PM me for more deats or if you want to have a look etc



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