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C Steppa

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I gotta do a massive proposal for uni that is basically pitching a new radio station for the Auckland market.


Ive chosen to do whats called a Adult Album Alternative style station aimed at 25-38 year olds which is basically playing bands like The Chillies, The Pumpkins, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Sublime, Foo Fighters etc etc the sorta stuff that age group would have grown up with or listened to in their teens. However what makes it different from the rock is that it will play not just the bands radio hits but play their other stuff off the albums that isnt suited or got noticed by 'the mainstream'. For the more dedicated fans i spose which i am sure their is alot out there.


Anywho, I need a name for it. Any ideas? I'm stuck...



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Alt TV could have been done so much better.


Alt FM would be good as well but yea alt tv ruins that. I think The Otherside is sweet. If anyone real bored you could always do a logo for it!! haha. Im so bad at that sort of shit. frequency is 107.0

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yah the ALT situation was extremely annoying.....

a mkixture of people fucking the channel to death and burning all bridges so that when a new posse came in all ready to rock and revamped it and started treating their workers with respect and offering contracts and monies .. The actions of the previous management 300k owed to sky digi made alt get pulled off air....


There are people about that should be blamed but yet they arnt....

Big Kids playing Tv stations

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