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Anyone else into this shit? I finally got round to reading Neuromancer... such a fucking awesome book, it's hard to believe it was written in the 80's - so visionary.



Other highlights of the genre (related genres) for me:


Neal Stepenson - The Diamond Age

Ghost In The Shell (Standalone Complex! The first part)



Any other recommendations?

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Yeah Phillip K Dick was a legend! He was a little bit before the cyberpunk movement so I think most of his stuff is probably technically just classed as science fiction but there's definitely a lot of cyberpunk themes in some of his work (corporations, rebellion, dystopic future projected from fucked up present, technology) so it might as well be. I haven't read do androids dream of electric sheep yet but apparently the movie was a lot more cyberpunk than the book(?) .


What's your favorite Phillip K Dick book Bugsy? Or top 3.

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there was book of short stories that he had written that i was fond of ... had the short that minority report was taken from and some weird others stories.

was so long ago i cant recall them too well, but it was something to do with a guy being a detective

lol that doesnt help much.

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cyberpunk is a subgenre of sci-fi... obviously sci-fi is pretty broad but like I was writing above cyberpunk is all about a projection of the way the fucked up present society is going into a dystopic technological future society with a heavy tend towards rebellion (hence 'cyber'-'punk'). I think bladerunner is definitely cyberpunk but not sure about electric sheep cause I haven't read it yet.

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my dad has a huge bookcase at his house overflowing with hundreds of philip k dick books which i read most of growing up.....

one of the greatest minds of last century imo...


ubik is one of my fave books.....its about spray-on reality

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