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Favorate Music video thread


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So Im a film geek... Not too sure if you guys realise how much of a film geek I am... But maybe this thread will shed some light on my obsession. My obsession starts from web cam peice to cameras and goes right thru to Russian epic 3.6 hour long films that make western art films look like a scribble a 3 year old would do. My obsession with media then travels into the realm of TVC's or "Adverts" and also music videos

So I thought I would start a thread and ask you guys to post your fav links to music videos ...

heres my current fav.....



whats yours?

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love this clip... chris cunnigham is the man!


this one is me fav i think,of his werk

12 rounds ,personally


sooo sexy!...


then theres this!






yeah yeah im a chris cummingham fan bwoy


but wait..........



last one i promise (well of mr cunningham any way)

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yeah, love the above producers, I bought the DVD set that has Gondry, Cunningham and Spike Jonze's music vids and other short films etc, totally visually awesome!

Yeah that shit is awesome.

I would put up a Bjork video but can't find it on youtube or nothing. Her videos are crazy super cool

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