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My next project for school is to pick an artist (they must be currently alive) and i will be building a gallery website for their work.


the challenge is to make the gallery in the same vein as the style of the art that it contains.


to be honest, im an uneducated slob and know virtually zip about art. especially current art. Virtually the only famous artist that i can name off the top of my head is banksy, who come to think of it would actually make a pretty sweet subject to build a gallery for if nothing better is suggested.


can anyone point me in the direction of any artists that you think are pretty sweet?


it can be contemporary, digital or even graph art.


aslong as its art and not design then its sweet.



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If they don't have to be a super famous artist, I'd go with someone who has a cool visual style you can design the gallery around.

Like this guy:




Yeah, you should definitely design a gallery web site for Eric Monster Millikin. I'd love to see what you come up with!



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One to watch imho. His shit is going to blow up in a few years the rate he is going. He was a year below me in art school and am uber jealous of what he has achieved so far. His work can be seen/has been seen in Masterworks and Object Space in Ponsonby for those that are interested.

/end plug.

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