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conform or move out????


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so in my house three of us have apple computers and this english twat that also lives here has a pc....everytime he is online either my computer or my girls computer will not connect to the internet.


is it cos he has a pc???

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Had somthin a lil similar to this happen when we moved just recently, my flattie opened his Apple and my interweb's were no more.

Happened only once, and was wird cos we'd had no problems @ the last place..

Sneaky Gates code imo.

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Craig, you worked on helpdesk right?




thats a good suggestion cat. could definately be something to check.


tbh i dont know much about how to troubleshoot mac's really. if it was causing issues on the windows one i could probably sus it out pretty quick.


when the problem occurs, try and bring up the command console window, i think its called 'Terminal' and typing:




and press enter.


this will tell you your what your default gateway (modem/router) IP address if you didnt already know it.


its probably somthing like,


So then type in:


ping (or whatever your modem IP is)


then press enter and see if you get replies.


if you get replies it means you can still contact your modem, so the problem isnt between your comp and your modem.


if you do get replies, then close that window, open another terminal window and type:




and hit enter.


if you get replies from this then it means that you can contact google.com by its IP adress and your computer does have internet access.


close that window and open a new terminal window.


type in:


ping www.google.com


and press enter.


if you get replies from this, then it means everythings working fine, even domain names and it must be a browser issue or possibly something wrong with your firewall.


let me know how you get on with these test and i can hit you up some more things to try depending on the results.


hope this isnt too confusing.


(hows that cat? )

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