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driving liscence test in NZ


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hey just wondering...

in aus getting a drivers liscence is a nightmare, it takes a few years of driving on your ''P's'' and then another year or some shit of driving, altogether a few years...

just wondering what its like there? is it the same lengthy thing or is it anything like england where u jsut have to pass the theory and the practical and the medical and thats it?


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it takes a while.


you do a multiple choice quiz to get your learners license which means you can only drive with a full licensed driver in the car.


then 6 months later you can sit a practical driving test and if you pass you get your restricted license which means you can drive without a full licensed driver but you cant take passengers.


then after 18 months of being on your restricted (or 12months if you do a defensive driving course) you can sit another practical and get your full license..


so yeah, it does take a minimum of 2 years to get your full license here..

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But if you have a license in another country isnt it alot easier? like maybe 6 months of restricted and then straight to full? I remember a story of a loophole where you could go to cookislands and get a full straight away and then come back and have your full here in 6months of sumthn.


**disclaimer** this could be all a load of shit

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If you're from aussie you should be able to transfer your license. So long as you had your full (ie not on your P's)


I did it going from NZ to aus (QLD), so they will have a reciprocal law.


Just do it asap, as there is usually a time limit on the ability to do that sort of thing.


heres all your info:




it basically says: you can drive on your current license from aus for up to 12 months, and you dont have to sit any tests to get an nz license if you are from aus

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I'm in oz at the moment and was in sydney (nsw) i didn't have DL lost it in aotearora anyways went into the rta (road transport association) and told them my story of how i lost it so i just had to fill in a new drivers application form then they just had to send over my info i gave them back to nz just to confirm i had a drivers licence then after that all i needed was a fully licenced ozzy driver(whanau)!!got all that done and done this basic eye test payed $46 bucks for a years licence and got it done on the spot!!If i'm right $76 for 2 years,$120 something for a 3 year licence.sounds crazy but true!!

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