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Serious Business TV - Phat09, Part 1


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Greetings Ya'll, more Phat stuff from me.


here's part one of the Serious Business TV highlights package:


For all you lurkers and new visitors to the forum who might not know as much about Phat09 and Serious Business TV as the Regulars:


Phat09 was the latest installment of a the colossal New Years celebration held annually (obviously) at Inangahua in the Wset Coast of New Zealand's South Island.

Phat09 attracts about 5000 punters to see the finest Drum and Bass and Dubstep acts from New Zealand and the world alongside some pretty decent bands during the day.


Serious Business TV is a short-form web show dedicated to the thriving Drum and Bass scene in New Zealand, you can find us throught the following:

Serious Business TV Facebook group:





Other Phat09 interviews can be found in this thread:


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