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What Do You Want?


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Just out of curiosity.. and for no paticular reason accept for the intrige and my questioning nature....

What would make a good monthly weekly bi weekly daily gig? what would you like too see? what would get ur ass on the floor ur elbows on the bar and your head in the mix?




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Tit's. I'd like to see tit's.


I'm not a biggot, or a sleaze or anyting of the sort. I just know that when I see tit's, the reward centres in my brain release treats that make me feel good.


I like treats.


Maybe you could get some lovely lass with double D's next to the bass bin's and have a mix off to see who's bass heavy tunes can get the best wobble on the double bass teat testers. Jurassic park styles.


Beat's, treat's and teats. ... Fuck me, It's the future.

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Perhaps a Bi weekly gig with rotating djs: d bridge, klute, doc scott, calibre andy c, data,goldie and commix. With rotating hosts Steve Spacek, SP:MC, Lowqui and Conrad?


Also, ideally I would be paid to go to this gig and you'd have imported heineken and asahi on tap (you'd also pay me to drink this)

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does anyone remember truents set before mixmaster mike last year???

id like to hear more music like that.....


A deace midweek hip-hop night would be noice although there probably is one already and I don't know about it


rakinos, on High Street.


best midweek venue in town. i think we could do with more hip-hop options though.


also i wanna hear more '90s music out. grunge, alternative & hard rock.


more dedicated '80s hair metal club nights/dress up nights.


less electro. more deep, tech, minimal house & techno.


less "liquid' dnb that's actually "dancefloor" dnb and more strictly loungey style dnb.. in actual lounge bars.


more interesting niche bars with a point of difference and a scene (cassette number 9, case in point. not my thing reaaally but goddamn they've done well with the place).


more daytime/outdoor venues (no not dirty outdoor festivals, actual courtyard venues with nice bars) with decent music. something like Sale St or Neighbourhood or Santos with better music


i don't ask for much

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