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Serious Business TV - Phat09 Coverage


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Greetings ya'll.

It is my pleasure to present the first video's from Serious Business TV's coverage of Phat09.


I caught up with The Upbeats and Concord Dawn and had a bit of a chat with each.

Topics include, touring, plans for 09, the dedication of the Phat09 punters despite the rain, the best part of coming home, who would win a fight - a wolf or a snake, sexual depravity, and various other bits and pieces.


to find out who talks about what you'll just have to watch the interviews won't you?

Concord Dawn:




Stay tuned for more footage from Phat09


For those of you who don't know about Serious Business TV it's a web show (soon to be a podcast I hope) dedicated to the vibrant New Zealand Drum and Bass scene.

Please subscribe on youtube, join our facebook group:


and be our friend on myspace www.myspace.com/seriousbusinesstv


Cheers to Phat for having us: www.phatclub.co.nz cheers to the artists for talking to me and cheers in advanced to you for watching

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I'm pleased you fulla's liked them.

If anyone has time on their hands and wants to help me push this to the world (of forum haters)

Bump the dogs on acid thread:





If you really have too much time, you can even ty to convert more kiwi's to dnb via a bump of the biggie thread:


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First I've heard of it. There was an actual film crew floating around and generally working a lot harder than I did.


I'm not sure what they plan to do with the stuff they shot, there is a wicked montage on youtube by that crew, have a search for it.

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i ment like an mp3 of every set sort of thing.. but yea, must have been fabricated


May have been. but sounds like a good idea.


My idea is to prevent the soundclash that goes on all round the campsite is to have the whole gig being broadcast on two frequencies, one per stage so that you can listen at least form your camp if you don't feel like going in the rain or whatever. Plus it basically enlarges the phat soundsystem by at least 2 with all those car subs floating around...?


sorry to hijack ya thread jo, quality as usual mate, needs more webb with drunken antics during interviews...

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