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where to go to in CHCH???


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Double Happy, Propaganda, Rockpool and Capitol are all safe bets. And Double Drop cafe for Dubstep


C1 Cafe for egg's bennie and Galaxy records for beats.


And Dimitries on Colombo make the best Souvlaki on the planet...


Fuck I miss Nicechurch

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imo cant stand it, house music etc just purely annoys me, everyone to their own



its good to be eclectic.... i <3 house (tech house in paticular) , u gotta b open to what came before y knw... and how many times have you REALLY and I mean REEEEEEEEEEEEEALLLy Exp house in the right context? ...

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And another thing... Why do people keep dafur-ing people to bassdrop?


We know.. But to noobs methinks it's best to pretend that if it's not on here, it doesn't exsist.


Never know, maybe one day those gay army christian soulmate ad's might start paying Pak's legal fee's?!

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Bassdrop has it's uses.... like if you want to get flamed...


or hate on Auckland, bitch about promoters, ask if you can use your ticket stub to get into gigs,


This board is pretty AK/H-Tron centric (the AK events on the Bassdrop board don't move much) so it works

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