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wifi booster


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hey guys.


ive been having problems with my wifi lately and ive made a parabolic dish for the antenna of my wifi receiver on my computer to focus the signal and its worked a charm. my signal has gone from 'bad' to 'very good' or from about 2/5 bars to 4/5 bars after following this guys instructions:




he has a copy of the schematic that you print out and glue onto the cardboard to get the parabola shape on his website, but for some fuckin unknown reason he colour filled his design in black which is a nightmare to print, so ive inverted the colour and sussed out my own copy to print:




just print that off and follow his instructions. slip the device over your antenna for your wifi card and point it at your router and youre good to go.


just thought id post this up as a handy bit of random info.


you can make it outta inexpensive house hold items and is good for boosting your wifi signal if youre far away from your modem.


im an impatient cunt and i used celotape instead of glue, apart from sticking the tinfoil to the cardboard, i still used a gluestick for that. and despite the ghetto appearance, it works fuckin sweet!


hope this helps if your having issues with your wireless signal strength or it dropping.



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I really wish I knew how to access wifi....<<


lol. obviously the badteeth after perceptualChaos's statement didnt register as an indicator of sarcasm for you ben?


im not using this device to access some sort of free wireless internet.


i pay for broad band that is delivered to my house via my phone line, but instead of plugging my computer into my modem with a cable, my modem has an antenna that transmits the broadband signal throughout my house wirelessly to my computer.


i think tim was implying that he could build one and point it at his neighbours house and try hack their wireless.


my issue was that the broadband modem is at the other end of the house than my computer because that was the only suitable phone jack i could plug the modem into, but the large distance from my modem to my computer was too far and was making the wireless signal weak. so i made this thing, attached it to the receiving antenna on my computer, pointed it at my modem and its boosted the signal thats received by my computer.




now my computer has faster connection speeds and doesnt frequently disconnect from my wireless modem.

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i know this is slightly old - but having the same sorta problem - using a laptop with an internal wireless card so no aerial, but the router has an aerial.. could i make the same thing and just put it over the top of the antenna on the router? And aim it towards where im using my laptop to focus the signal in that direction?

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