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    • Sick to fuckin death of people asking: 'Are you on Facebook?' (no)

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so who's a user?


I'm a fiend; mainly cos a lot of my friends live in different countries,and it's the cheapest/easiest way to keep in touch.


Not reeeaally into many applications tho, apart from photos and wall-writing.


And I reckon that the 'Beacon' software - gathering info about us for marketing/advertising - is a bit disconcerting :-|

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occasional user overall.


i've stopped using it at work two weeks ago, mainly cause of the monitoring that goes on there and the fact that i very much value my job right abouts now!


mainly use it for keeping in touch with friends and fam (especially overseas) and showing them my photos as its a free tool...but a phonecall does beat it hands down.


i'll often rate the adverts (click the 'thumbs down' icon) for about 10mins (even though they are highly relevant to my lifestyle) as being 'Treasonous' and 'Treachorous' to confuse the f*ck out of them.

Now i get adverts for all kinds of irrelevant cr*p

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agreed with ya there Phil, although the mass-inviting thing can be pretty annoying when ya keep getting invited to gigs you can't go to.


interesting poll results btw. lack of occasional users indicates how fiendish it really is!

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Easily the best promotion tool these days when used properly… Smart promoters won’t spam everyone on their list or annoy people though.. they’ll set up networks based on genre, location etc.. so that only the people that want to be targeted by them, will be… and instead of being pissed off and negative they will feel like they’re part of something and will look forward to updates…


I’m not too hung up about the data-mining conspiracy theories.. I don’t really care if the CIA knows I like to get pissed and go to drum and bass clubs on weekends... obviously it pays to be aware of the content / copyright issue though, ie. Anything you put on facebook becomes their property and can be reproduced..

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