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dbnz samplepack competition :: voting (FINISHED)


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Entries for the samplepack competition are now CLOSED... Well done to everyone who completed their tunes! There were ten entries in total which you can listen to and then cast your votes on by sending a private message (PM) to me.


Edit: Voting is now closed and the winner has been announced - please see below


The voting will be split 50/50 between a "popular vote" from any member of the website and a "judges vote" from the entrants and competition organizers (i.e. blacbeard and myself). The songs are published below in a random order without any reference to the name of the artist for equality.


If you did NOT enter the competition then please PM me with the title of your favorite song. If you did enter the competition then please PM me with the titles of your TOP THREE entries based on the judging criteria described in the rules. This thread will be locked until voting closes to ensure the rules are not compromised (see below). If you have any questions about the competition then PM me or post them here


Without further ado, here are the entries!



You may need the latest version of flash installed for this to work properly:





1. Vote for your favourite tracks based on musicality, technical skill, finished sound, structure, creativity etc.

2. Save your comments till after voting closes

3. Producers:You can vote for up to three tracks with your top pick taking 3 points, second pick 2 points and the third pick taking 1 point. Indicate clearly which order you want them by numbering.

3. Forum Members: You have one vote for your favourite track

4. Do not solicit votes or disclose the producers on the forum please

5. Voting will be open for one week until midnight on the 9th February.

6. PM your votes to perceptualChaos

7. One vote per website member total (including judges)

8. Any votes from false accounts will be discarded

9. If you're a judge, you can vote for yourself if you think you deserve it

10. The prize is a slot to play at (and free entry to) the "Evolution Outdoors" festival on the 14th March 2009 in Port Waikato. The winner can chose to have their song played by one of the DJs instead of playing it themselves if they're not confident at mixing.




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Voting is now closed, the artists have been revealed, the thread has been unlocked, and the votes have been counted:



The winner is:

Sentient - Not Disco

Second place goes to:

Maxtone - Too Much Medicine


Third place goes to:

Pakage - Dark Crystal


It was really close between Sentient and Maxtone (who actually won the judges votes) but in the end Sentient came out on top after counting the popular vote. Congratulations to him and all the other contestants!


I'll post some general feedback on the competition over the next few days and anyone who wants some specific feedback on their tunes can either ask here or PM me to have an offline conversation.

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k here's some general feedback on the competition:


I was really happy with the number of entries we received and there was obviously a lot of work put into some of them. All of the entries had something distinctive and cool about them and I'm confident that all of you are heading down the right track and congratulate you on what you have achieved!


In saying that, one thing that stood out for me as being not so good was the quality in the drum layering. I think there is a lot of room for improvement in basically everyone's entries in terms of the overall phatness of the drums. A lot of people who are new to production will often fail at this because they don't have access to the right samples but in this case; I specifically chose some of the best drum samples from my collection in a way such that they complement each other and would allow for people to build a number of phat breaks in different styles.


In general, you won't find one kick sample or one snare sample or one funk break which completely fills the frequency space that you want it to. So, what most producers do in order to get their drums sounding phat is to mould a number of different samples together with different volumes, pitches, amplitude envelopes, and sometimes EQ settings to achieve the sound that they want. When starting out on this path, you should use extensive cross-referencing with breaks from records made by producers you respect. Using a spectrum analyzer can really help with this.


I've said this many times before and I'll say it again - the most important thing to get right in a drum and bass tune is.... the drums, and the bass! If you approach all your new tunes with a philosophy of getting the drums and bass sounding really tight before moving onto the main composition/arrangment then I garuntee that you'll find the production quality of your tunes increase dramatically. In my tunes, I expect to spend at least an entire studio session working on the drums and bass with minimal other sounds before I move onto the main arrangement.


I also think a lot of the entries could have benefited from a bit more work and creativity in processing all the sounds - as well as the overall balance of the mixdown. But really the drums were the biggest thing for me.


If you have any questions on this or any other production questions then don't be afraid to ask for help on the production forum, we're all here to help each other!


Incidentally, my votes went to:


1st) Maxtone - Too Much Medicine

2nd) Sentient - Not Disco

3rd) Pakage - Dark Crystal

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yeah i definately agree about the flatness of the drums in the tunes. Some good stuff in there, but the lack of dynamics in the drums kinda let most of the tunes down. Standout tune for me is zebs untitled two, definately had the best funk and groove out of them all.




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nice little jazzy thing you got going on there


In terms of the drums - I think you have the tighten up break way too loud man... same as in too much medicine. It's a nice break but if you have it too loud it can ruin the mix cause the ride is so clangy. Kick needs more bottom end, also think the shakers might be a bit loud. Snare's ok - maybe could do with some more lower frequency wood.


I used almost all the drum samples to get the break in my demo tune - take note of the difference in volume of the tighten up break between our breaks.

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thanks phil and shucksy,and big ups to sentient,maxtone,pakage and all the other entrants....

i really wanted to work on my tunes way more over the break but due to equipment meltdown and sadly my mum passing away it put somewhat of a damper on the project,nevertheless i really enjoyed making the tunes and playing with the other samples i didnt use in my tracks.


great wotk everybody....

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