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Im looking for one or maybe 2 people to become official DBNZ Photographers!


The role involves going to as many dnb gigs as you can and taking photos of people and dj's and spreading some awareness to the noobs about our site.


As payment for your efforts, I will endeavor to get you doorlists to as many gigs as i can so you can go and take photos.


to be realistic, i can probably only usually get your name on the door for local gigs, not internationals, but ill see what i can sort out.


So, are you reliable? Do you have a half decent digital camera? Do you attend gigs regularly? Do you have an internet connection?


If you answered yes to these questions, then this could be the perfect way for you to save a bit of cash on those pesky door charges and at the same time, give a little something back to the drum and bass community.


hit me up a PM if your interested.



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thanks to Redstar and Beable for taking up the challenge.


you guys rock


if any promoters out there want to get our photographers along to their gig and get a gallery posted up on our site and gain a bit of extra coverage, drop me a PM.



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Hey guys.


I got a free ticket to Rise this saturday @ Fu for anyone who would like to go along and snap a few photos for us?


Beable's off down to wellington and Redstar will be taking photo's at Coherent, so i got a free ticket and no available photographer.


holla if youre keen.



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