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this is the dope shit right here....


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guy mariano-video days -blind skateboards 1991

he was 14 when this came out.

the quality isnt the best sorry.but its highly regarded as one of the best,original,innovative, and most inspirational video parts ever by the entire skateboard community worldwide.(myself included)

hands down my most fave skateboarder ever



jason lee-video days-blind skateboards 1991

before he was in "my name is earl" and other hollywood productions he was a pro skateboarder and this is held in the same regard as the mariano part above,in my top five fave skaters forever.



tom penny-ghetto child ad 1994-05-(give or take)

one of the most stylish and mysterious characters in the skate world.

casual assassin and uber dope style blew the doors off everyone in the scene upon his emergence to california from england in the mid 90s.

the vert footage in this might be the only vert footage anyone ever got of him.

(although the new flip video is out soon and i pray there is some vert in his part)



andrew reynolds-the end-birdhouse skateboards

fuckin bangin part,dope style and solid tricks,hes been killing it from day one.still one of the most respected and hardest workin pros in the bizzo.



lucas puig-bon appetite-cliche skateboards 2003-04-05 ish

one of my fave euro skaters,very innovative and original style/trick selection,rides for the best euro company and always has a fitting song for his parts,an absolute pleasure to watch.




these guys represent everything i respect and admire in skateboarding.

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tom penny is tha man, such a smooth style. why you say "mysterious"?


never does interviews,disappeared off the face of the earth at the height of his career,hates the limelight,noone really knows what hes up to....

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That last clip made my eyes pop out a few times - 1.40 WTF?


that trick is tres.cool. go watch some rodney mullen though, waaaaay more fkd up!


Seen a ton of his clips... I think he wakes up and invents a new trick daily


yeah well he pretty much invented all the tricks.....

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