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36: The Inconsequential Lives Of Others /Rise


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This is a film that I wrote and directed whilst I was at south seas film and television school. I have no intention on selling this work . This work will not be sold swapped or rented by me . This work remains propety of south seas film and television school.

This film .music video features actors all from south seas film and television shot entirely on location on Karangahape road and Beach haven ,auckland new zealand . all permits were authorised via auckland city council. The music in the second half of the clip is by Organikismness and the song is called Rise. I have a release contract with the artist that is held by south seas film and televison school.


The Iconsequential Lives Of Others /Rise



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Baddest NZ Dubstep tune hands down, this should get a big release already!!!


Sounds massive on a big system, love the vocal too...


Likes the pic too mate, made me go into my stoned little brain and have a few thoughts on your comments


why thank u sir...

yeah man rise is one sick as fuck coon, BUT hold tight the remiX!!! omg ! i


spread the clip far and wide.....

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