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top points of the 08?


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what your top points of the 2 double 0 8?



for me was finaly starting flying school

and meeting rage (well only zach and morello) and serj tankian in a pub and drinking with them for a couple of hours




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tbh, staying out of the clink is my number 1 this year.


being accepted into Media Design School to do a diploma of digital media for next year comes a close second.


also, having everything taken away from me has really taught me to appreciate the little things in life. as cheesey as it sounds, just being alive rocks.

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good thread....



Smashing Film skool to bits and being number 2 out of 28 directors


Teaching my boy various things


Remembering who I am and not settling for anything less


meeting shit loads of kick arse people


pitching for a TV show I came up with and getting the green light to do a pilot


working on set with excellent people and getting my name out there


turning 31... its def one of the best ages I have been

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Getting the chance to play tunes in fu was my highlight. Being able to give back to others the joy i got from dancing to dnb. And also a constant highlight is the amount of good caaants i still meet at dnb gigs. It never ceases to amaze me how many friendly happy people roll to dnb.


Other than that this year has been a stinking poo for real.

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Landing a sweet job after redundancy has gotta be up there for me.


And the Kiwis winning the League WC.


Way too many DJing highlights to name just the one.


I'm with Paks on the "enjoying life" buzz too.. very thankful about that. There was some terrible lows this year.

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For me these things sum it up a bit


Thank God moment: Getting a Job during nelsons slow winter.

Finally: Meeting good cunts and maintaining great relationships with said GC's (there are heaps in Nelson, I was a tad wee reclusive when getting here

DnB Set: Trei and Dose at Phat Club

Dubstep set: Evil at Dubstep Wars, Phat Club

Live Bands: The Mint Chicks/Jakob Tied

Party: Xmas Thump Up, Wairoa Gorge

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hot grits album release


and release tour around the country for 2 weeks - great way to travel


supporting Marky and Bukem in one year boh !


summerset party in wellington over easter at the basin reserve after bukem in ak the night before - no sleep, saw bukem again with tom middleton and crazy penis also boh !


and playing to my biggest massivest crowd at fubar 07-08 nye from 4:00 to 7:30.....so so mean.

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