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Fave Xmas Songs


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Anyone have a favourite xmas song? I'm not talking your obvious ones ala Snoopy's xmas - I'm thinking more along the lines of bootlegs, random covers, parodies etc.


Any DNB, downbeat or electronica related xmas musiks would be appreciated...

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:lol: Wheres the metal and hardcore xmas covers -I know they're around...


Got wobble xmas tunes?


Nato can you ban this guy?!?!


The place can't survive without my cringe-worthy comments I make this forum worth visiting/avoiding at all costs all on my own damnit

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This is a good example of why Christmas/dnb crossovers should be avoided at all costs.


LOLZOR!.... (shudder), twitch..... I can see it now....





Shoppers run around in a last munute frenzy and buy gifts for their freinds and families.Doe eyed as they buy meaningless gifts the people are absent mindedly bobbing along to the enforced hyper happy christmas music that is piped into the malls sound system .




A fat and surly santa sits on his throne. he looks pissed off and a little bit drunk. There is a red and green revolving light above him and a tattered plastic xmas tree with boxes of fake gifts too his right. Standing next to the surly saint nick stands a wee cherub faced girl with an impossibly sickening smile on her face she is Dressed as an elf with a large golden bell on the end of her hat that jingles loudly each time she moves her head.Oppisite the cherub faced girl elf there is a tall dark looking boy elf wearing super baggy elf pants with his hat slung half over his eyes and a tee shirt on underneth his elf top , which is peaking out the top of his elf shirt. On it can be seen the top of a logo for DNB.CO.NZ. His name is GEEEZAR.

GEEZAR is looking at his blackberry as the doe eyed shoppers flounce past him all transfixed and ensnared by the Yultide greed and consumerist nature of this the worst americanised xmas ever


The camera spins to an over the shoulder shot and we can see GEEZAR looking at this thread on DNB.CO.NZ

We watch as he scrolls down the page and reaches NATOS post with the hidious xmas choon by spor.

GEEZAR hits play and is transformed. In a montage of video we see shoppers faces in close ups ,xmas decorations and the ever increasing volume of hidious xmas choons.

We then see GEEZAR snap.




GEEZAR abandons his post (this is shown in slow motion) THE CHERUB GIRL can be seen in the back ground screaming , and chasing GEEZAR. GEEZAR pushes over a large pile of fake presents which trip the cherub girl and force her to land face first on the mall floor bursting her bottem lip in a fountain of blood. .

We then CUT to a CLOSE UP of SANTA taking a swig of a hip flask and vomiting down the front of his uniform in slow motion


MONTAGE of GEEZAR walking then running through the mall. on a steady cam. shoing GEEZAR ripping down xmas decorations and generally going on a rampage




GEEZAR kicks open the door of the control room, We see he is not wearing his xmas garb but rocking a black baseball cap with the METAL HEADZ logo on it and now showing off his DNB.CO.NZ shirt. GEEZAR is frazzled and fiending and sweating, He has obviously lost it..The camera reframes from a CONTRA ZOOM to a EXTREME CLOSE UP DUTCH TILT to the left and then says...



I WAnt some Fucking XMAS drum and Bass!!!


GEEZAR then plugs his blackberry in to the control centre and streams the spor drum and bass xmas choon




The once doe eyed shoppers who were mindlessly consuming are now all raving and eating "lollies" and tearing apart the hoardings of the stores and running out of them with looted goods. The camera pans through the maddening crowd to reveal the drunken surly SANTA and the CHERUB GIRL getting it on atop of the presents

The camera shifts to a LOW ANGLE TWO SHOT of SANTA and the CHERUB and they say


We wish you a Druma and bass xmas-


And a riseing new years

SANTA and the CHERUB go back to getting it on, the camera dollys out and we see SANTA lift his head and vomit all over the CHERUBS face, and then go back to getting in to her


we then see GEEZAR raving in the control room with head phones made of christmas crackers and MCing into a Xmas ham


Fade to Chrstmas colours


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mike, you're a dick. just for this thread you get this guy...


i fucking hate christmas songs.


when i was a kid i used to take my nana's christmas albums and use them to practice scratching on her belt driven record player.

i got my ass beat when i got caught doin that and the associations have stuck ever since>

scratching records equals bad!(so i never learnt that skill...)

and playing xmas songs equals bad!(so i never play them)


there's no excuses for remixing them...

so now you get this guy too...


the only good thing about this thread was that i got the craziest mental picture of santa vomiting on that cherub girls face...

you're a sicko ben.

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the only good thing about this thread was that i got the craziest mental picture of santa vomiting on that cherub girls face...

you're a sicko ben.


yah.. I like to paint disturbingly entertaining visual metaphors...

Im that guy who, if they see a car crash/person walking in to a pole/santa vomiting over cherub girls face i will watch with great glee, sux to be a dark and deeply cynical gen x kid...lol

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i'm actually quite partial to the odd carolling session tbh


if you've got a good chorus of 5+ deros on the piss, you can belt out some pretty heavy and devastating versions of the classics.


gotta keep it strictly traditional tho - oh come all ye faithful, joy to the world, and silent night have been destroyed by me and other like-minded xmas boozers in past



as for bootlegs and wobble remixes; wtf, mike?? you sick bastard

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