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Yes im posting in the general section


If your interested in buying records, I have 5 crates to sell, ranging from old to new, liquid to tech.


Tonight is pretty much the only time I have before next year to have people around to go through them.

So if your in the Auckland area (St Lukes) then send me a PM and ill give you my address to come round.


6pm tonight onwards ... the earlier the better otherwise there might not be much left

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ooo a present .... is it a gay present?


lol. nah, you wish! Ive had it sitting here for ages eh. Its a framed A3 copy of the poster for the dbnz birthday gig that you headlined for us. Your thread about your recent trials and tribulations reminded me of how much i appreciate what you've done over the years. Much in the same way as that gig was to say thanks to you for everything, so was the framed poster. I just never got around to giving it to you coz im useless.




its here whenever you get the chance to pick it up.


much love



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