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tomorrow's the big day.. sentencing is just about here. to be completely honest, im freakin out a little bit, but not too bad eh. my pre sentencing report from the probation office couldnt have gone any better really. it says that im a good kid who made a mistake. I have a low likely hood of re offending and Ive shown remorse for my actions. It also recommends Home D for my sentence, which is awesome. Usually what they put on as the recommendation is the maximum you're going to get and it goes down from there. the maximum home d that can be given is 1 year, so hopefully i might get 9months home d or maybe an even lesser sentence.


Someone i went through treatment with who was up on meth manufacturing charges, his pre sentencing report recommended 4 years imprisonment and he got 1 year home d.. so its pretty hopeful for me.


that said, nothings garunteed. i could still go to jail, but its looking pretty unlikely. still.. send me some good vibes at about 11.45am tomorrow if you have any to spare!


if i do go to jail, ya'll better come visit me! and even if im just on home d, you's still better had! and if i get off with supervision, you'll all be seein me real soon!



ez peeps, catch ya's on the flip

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You should be able to get your production pretty tight if you work on beats all day for a year!


ha ha..yeah boy...haaaaaarrrddd.....

best be making us some wucked choons cuzz....(drug free for a year could slow down the creativity though huh...?no cones in the lab???heaven forbid...

home d for a year and some community service is way better than jail though pakage...for real....

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Jesus that was a fucken tense day!! I swear making him wait til the very end of the day and sit through all the other cases was part of the punishment...


Definitely could've been a waaaaaaaaaay worse outcome, at least we can go visit on the shore a whole lot more free and easy than at Mt Eden.


So proud of the way you've conducted yourself throughout this whole debacle bro, your strength is second to none!!



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