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Can I have an O for Awesome?


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yes - that would constitute a fail - at least on your part... TVNZ would consider it an epic win for making you watch an ad for nothing

2 adverts to be precise, I foolishly refreshed the page in hopes the site would un-fuck itself, alas, t'was not to be. Now I'll be voting Green AND donating money to Unicef

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There's still about 3% of users we're trying to 'make the experience better for' you know enough about computers to try anything I could suggest so just take heart in being in an exclusive club


for anyone else reading with this problem I'd suggest using ie 7 and flash player 9.0.124 or above (best to stay away from 10 though atm)


Edit: either that or you are watching from work and your IT department is smart enough to block us but not the source our ads are served from...


Although probly not the case for you Nato since you are the IT department

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