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600ml DEMON


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All energy drinks fail imo


Fuck I'd say. I've never got even a minor "buzz" from drinking an energy drink. I drank a whole bottle of red bull concentrate once and didn't feel anything beyond a coffee with two sugars would have done to me.


Man, you're so hard.

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have u tried demon?.... drink a 440ml... you'll be wired for a couple of hours. drink one before u attempt to sleep and im sure you'l agree


Yeah an I tried one of those large cans after work the other day, didn't really "do" anything beyond what a lift/l&p would have done. Maybe its just me.


Man, you're so hard.


Fail. I wasn't a tough guy...

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unnecessary. believe it or not, they have hit the shelves.



Cheers for the up's Merge and Red, we got these in Killa Cola and Killa Troppo too - KT ftw, it's 60% real fruit juice - num num's.


Whoever was goin on about the 400ml Red Bull... I've got some plyers here, would you like to use them to get a grip?

Who do you support? Sweeden with their high carbon footprint, imported, high preservative, alluminum oxide infused product?


Or Kiwi made big gear?


EDIT: Those bigger RB cans are 355ml I tink, they only brought em out when we started running things (ala Relentless)


Our gears got flava, their styles just sherbert - Demon Drinks we leave ya market share murdered.

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haha do u work for demon kryptex? u learn something new everyday...


but yea, demon is the shit, it certainly does work, and i can vouch considering as an architecture student i endeavour to find SOMEthing that keeps me up alllll night drawing. something legal that is.

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