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First fabric experience


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Thought I'd give y'all a random update incase anyone is interested...


Went to fabric on friday for a birthday celebration (braved it solo even), cool venue. Saw some awesome sets... ironically avoided the dnb room though as there was too much jump up for my liking and the punters in there were a bit scary (if you think nz dnb is a sausage fest, this was like 15-20 to 1...). Saw Qbert who was AMAZING, Cash Money was awesome too, plus scratch perverts, benga and tayo. All round awesome night, will try and fit in another night there (with a posse this time) before I come home.


Also went to Amsterdam last week, reckon I could live there no worries


It's been fun exploring the world on my own, should be waaaay braver by the time I come home!


Peace out

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