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retrieving files off a dying hard drive???


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so my external hard drive is on the piss as,the light comes on but it doesnt pop up on the desktop and it makes a noise like its struggling to get out of bed after a big night out.

its got all my samples and reason refills and drums and all that shit on it so id like to know what i can do about this?

can any of you's operate on it or some shit?

or am i screwed and its not worth the hassle?

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dunno man, try it on another computer, pc, mac, what ever, see if it recognises it.. with harddrives theres not much u can really do unless you wanna start forkin out cash afaik; if it were me id give it a small wack to see if it decides to start workin again

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What size is the Harddrive?


(2.5" or 3.5")


In either case... don't hit it... ever... seriously. There are only a few things you shouldn't hit in your pc and the Hard Drive(s) and Screen are two of them.


If you havn't already broken the Harddrive by hitting it, it's quite possible that the problem is the USB HardDrive Controller, not the Harddrive itself.


If it's a 3.5gig drive, you can attach it to any PC to test for that. If it's a 2.5" drive (Laptop size) then you need to try it on another External HardDrive controller (IE ask a friend who also has one to plug it in and give it a whirl).


It's very common for the Controller to fail yet the Disk and Data to be fine so hang in there.


In any case if you wanna give me the the drive I can test it out for ya

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