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Car Help #2


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You lot were real helpful when i last needed advice on my car, so here we go again..


THink my auto transmission is fucked; when I'm in park or neutral it doesn't idle steadily, rather it kind of 'ticks' to and from 1000-1500 revs. Just started happening yesterday. FUK


Anyone know any reliable mechanics/car service places/hook-ups?!


Central Auckland preferred but all suggestions considered



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yeah agree with zpac, don't reckon its the transmission, they tend to be pretty solid.


I once had a peugeot that did that and it turned out that one of the parts from the cylinder head had dropped into the main part of the engine where the cams are (or so i was told).


best to get someone to look at it, but tell them not to do any work, just get them to tell you what's wrong with it first man...otherwise it could be a whole lot of $$$ for nowt!

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just had another thought last night actually, it could be something as simple as dirty sparkplugs. Your sparkplugs should be changed approximately every 10,000kms. They're are generally simple to inspect and if you have a look and they are all black then that could be your problem...they are approximately $10 each so i'd recommend replacing them (seeing that its cheap as) and seeing if you still have problems.

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i wish, my car is fucked, its automatic and it stalls, cant be fucked fixing it so ive learned to live with it and now i know the exact technique it takes to drive it. its pretty cool though, coz i dont think anyone would ever know how to steal it

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ok surge at idle,


ht leads/sparkplugs could be faulty - easy diagnosis but unlikely

airleak in hoses - alot harder to pin down (but one could have fallen off)

idle solanoid fucked - easy diagnosis (this is common)

choke solanoid fucked - not likely but if it is it may be due to other compounding problems in the cooling system.

dirty/worn injectors/fuel filters - possible but prob not the cause.


sounds like the idle solanoid is gettin intermitant air pressure ,causing surging, or the ht leads are shagged, thats my bet, $20 any takers.

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ok it sounds like it a ht lead problem, any misfiring or uneven acceleration (intermitant)? missing a beat while getting up revs or just a bit gutless or all of the above?


Yeah all of the above come to think of it. Car is a Honda Accord.. cheers for your help fellas i'll be in touch.. maybe get one of ya's round on the weekend or something

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