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What's on this sat arvo?


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It's my Gf's b'day this weekend and I've got a bit of an itinerary planned, including champagne breakfast up the sky tower, snowplanet, flyin her best mate up from Wellies etc.. I won't go on about what an awesome boyfriend I am :teef:, because the real reason for this post is this: In between snowplanet and think green/For the music I'm lookin for a bar/cafe for the crew to lounge around at, give the prezzies, cut the cake etc and hopefully check some live music or an act of some sort, this'll give us the chance to re-group and catch our breath before the onslaught that will be Sat night/Sun.

Now since me and most of the crew are from Ch Ch and the only places we've been really are Fu, coherent etc.. I'm comin up with fuck all to fill this 4-8pm gap on Sat arvo.. Any of you fulla's got a place you could recommend? If you've ever been to the Dux de Lux or Winnies in Ch Ch you'll know the kinda place I'm lookin for.


Cheers in advance

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werds to cafe 7..... but not quite the dux DL... sadly ak has minimal spaces that would suffice...

only real place that springs to mind is rakinos.... buit FAIL (possibly? on the live band atmos...

there is always the revel on krizzle....excellent foodinis and great service and lotsa beer...





(am I cool enough for an invite)

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Cheers Guys!


Rakino's looked mint, but they don't do bookings... Verona it is!


Redstar: Course you're invited mate, just finished booking everything and have facebooked everyone invited with an itinerary and associated costs for each event. Check your shit.


But anti-establishment/endtimezz speeches must be kept to a minimum!

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