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Holy sweet mary mother of drum and bass... I'm going to Italy in a couple of weeks and was looking for some dnb going on in Europe while i'm there and lookie what I found which happens to coincide with my holiday:


Yes, we take you back to one of the most exclusive holiday spots in the mediterrean! SUNANDBASS 2008 will take place at San Teodoro on the gorgeous island of Sardinia, Italy. Be assured that we will again put together a fantastic line up of renowned DJs and MCs to guarantee an unforgettable week full of good music in exceptional locations!

Start the daydreaming and prepare yourself for the 5th edition of your exclusive Drum 'n' Bass holidays



Bailey BBC 1xtra/Intasound * Calibre Signature * D-Bridge Exit

Doc Scott 31Rec * Dom&Roland DRP * Fierce Quarantine

Makoto Human Elements * Marcus Intalex Soul:R

Klute Commercial Suicide * Paradox 'live' Paradox Music

Utah Jazz Liquid V * Sci-Clone 'live' Metalheadz * Zero.T CIA

Alix Perez Shogun * A-SIDES Eastside * BREAK DNAudio

BRYAN G Liquid V * CHRIS.SU DSCI4 * COMMIX Metalheadz

DANNY BYRD Hospital * ICICLE Shogun/Soul:R/Critical/Subtitles

KABUKI Liquid V * LOGISTICS Hospital * LYNX Soul:R

MOSUS Liquid V * NU:TONE Hospital * NYMFO Red Zone

RANDALL Mac2 * STORM Metalheadz





link to photostream

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yeah pretty much best gig ever for ever ever,i imagine there would be some hard decisions on what stage/tent/room to be in at what particular times.....

we'll be expecting a full report please tim.....and pics if thats not too much trouble...

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i imagine there would be some hard decisions on what stage/tent/room to be in at what particular times.....


pretty sure nobody is every playing at the same time eh... it goes for a whole week - sometimes on the beach during the day, other times at night in the San Teodoro clubs


Yeah i'll give a report when I get some internet action and yeah hopefully will be able to take some photos! Anyone have a spare XD memory card for Fujitsu camera? Mine is only like 32MB or something heh... I have a 1GB SD Card but that doesn't fit.

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lol yeah i know. usually I don't like the responsibility of taking my camera anywhere so I just don't :P


just booked my flights from London-Olbia on the 6th and then Olbia-Venice on the 14th. Either gonna go to France or Amsterdam after that before coming back down to reality and jumping back on my plane to Auckland on the 25th

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