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lol at friend today "have you heard that brand new gorilla song on the radio????"


...What happens when an ad becomes a big enough sensation? Everyone must have heard of that song BEFORE this ad no? On a related note can I meet that drumming gorilla? I want his autograph

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Amen, best ad in my limited years. Think its pretty weak that the tune made it number one on the charts though.


Thought this thread wa going to be about you joining facebook mark


haha... inspiration... thread dedicated to you tom

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This ad is all about the moment of deep contemplation before the music drops. So fucking good. Fails at making me want to eat cadbury chocolate though, puts me in the mood for a beer more than anything really

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Gorilla = suck balls, can't even play it right, plenty of feeling but zero points for the syncopated tom fill!


Annoys the hell out of me and I'll change the channel instantly...


I actually wanted to know how accurate his drumming was...

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