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well, shit, i've back from indo for nearly a week and i'm already thinking about my next holiday destination.probably samoa...

not quite a dnb mecca but will be well due for a few days on island time by the end of a winter season of shop work, shredding, rockin shows and raving.


here's a split second of my month away.


i feel like anew man after the trip, and fuck it was eye opening. i really appreciate auckland a whole lot more...


anyone else got holiday plans this year?

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Cool man! sounds like a f*cking awesome holiday right there. Proper want to go travelling round Indonesia and China etc. Would be ace.


I'm off to Bora Bora Island, near Tahiti for a bit in about...4 weeks from now. Can't wait for that. Really want to go to Japan one day too...

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Well my next trip will be to Aus for work, but planning to stay an extra day or so to have a shop


and then after that holiday come moving to UK, well Ireland most probably still deciding.

going to do my year visa over there.


plus travel as much as $$$ permits

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Woohooo! welcome back Hope you guys had a rad time


I won't be going anywhere anytime soon.... I have a work conference in Byron Bay in February (read: three days of "tasting" champagnes and wines... and really just getting pished).


After the wedding in early March next year we'll look at going to Europe and New York, if we have enough money we'll be heading to Tahiti for our honeymoon.. but at this rate I highly doubt it.


And I'm spending my 30th (god thats scary) in Vegas in 2011.

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hard thatll be pritty trippy, mira's tryin to make me save for a mish to russia, will be an eye opener for sure.


i've got the tran-siberian railway thru mongolia and russia in the pipeline for a few years time. it will be my entry into Europe

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