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Keep losing my RH signal...


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Hi guys, when i'm playing some tunes on my decks, occasionally my RH speaker and RH earphone will stop working, or go really quiet. The problem seems to become aparent when I crank it some on the volume/bass etc and I have a tune on the left-hand deck...has only just started occuring. was wondering if anyone knew what might be causing this problem?

all my equipment is less than 3 months old and is quality stuff...apart from the mixer, its a Numark 950USB.


Thanks for any help.



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Sounds like the volume control or one of the fader's has had it, the volume controls on numarks are famous for producing the symtom you described (as you turn volume up it dies on one channel). prob cost you bout $250 to get it fixed, there is a numark specialist on crummer ave in grey lynn.

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Thanks for that, it hasn't done it again today so I'll keep an eye out for it happening again. If it persists dispite the tone-arm connection remidy mentioned above I'll be more certain its the mixer, but so far so good.


If it turns out to be the mixer (had it since Xmas) I'll buy a new one - and it certainly won't be a Numark mixer?!!

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blow on it a bit, screw it in, wiggle it about a bit.


isnt that how you fix snes games that wont load?



hard.....weve been running all the marios round here....


my flatmate nigel roberts can clock super marios in 9 minutes flat....

finger pressed hard on run and no stopping for goldies....

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Tone arm connection to the cartridge. Unscrew it, blow on it a bit, screw it in, wiggle it about a bit, you should be able to fix the connection.


Ive got the same issue and thats my fix for it.... might have something to do with the el cheapo Stanton decks and carts

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