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pet hates??


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was at movies tonight and some cunt next to us was texting, was just really fucking me off, this aint a pet hate but jus an ignorant prick, but made me think what is everybodys pet hates? i'll have to come back to ya on that one cos i have to really think hard bout it ae!!


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Phoneticz has reminded me.....Trying to get out of a conversation with somebody who is peaking on ecstacy/drunk as hell.....just let me leave ffs.


a random or someone you know?


on that topic, but not for ppl who are drunk/high;


people who speak slowly about something, like dragging their side of the conversation out, making stuff up etc as it comes to mind but then as you go to speak (because they seem to be slowing down and ending their 'rant') they speed up and start talking louder, and the louder you talk, the louder they talk... like wtf let me say something..~~

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I really hate people who ramble on and on and on and on and think they know everything you can't even get a word in edgeways its like they're only saying one sentence and then you try and get a word in and its like helloo no you just have to listen to me talk about inane crap that really makes no sense or has no actual relevance to anything they really just like themselves that much of course you dont even want to interupt them because that will set them off on a whole other tangent about something completely unrelated and you're stuck with them for at least another half an hour oh and they also seem to just kinda suck you in without you even knowing and then you end up agreeing to do stuff with them or for them and then you have to deal with the mountain of phone calls emails texts and any other form of communication that goes along with it next thing you know you have agreed to give them your first born child have a double wedding and go on your honeymoons together god knows what happens from there on in suppose you have a built in baby sitter which would be really handy but people like that wouldn't let you leave the house anyway you would get stuck having these annoying conversations about dance recitals and children and oh my goodness did you see the news in the weekend crime has gone up just like your daughters hemline so were thinking of moving to the country and getting some cows and chickens and sheep we would really like to go free range and be self sufficient you know but it would get lonely out there we would have a vege patch too and could grown brocolli cauliflower basil and mint we could even slaughter our own sheep but i don't know if we could do that really we would even be able to get a contract with the milk company and milk our own cows or we could just get a lifestyle block i mean in this day and age there are so many options but i guess we will just have to see what the future holds.

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people who have lost all basic public etiquette. For exammple, saying excuse me if you want to get past or saying sorry if you accidentally bump into someone, or leaving the bloody apartment security door open for someone who has got bags of groceries and is finding it hard to get his or her key/swipy thing.etc.etc.


I think some people have forgotten this and feel that they have to be this blatantly inconsiderate because everyone else is? or cause they dont give a shit?

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