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Lost me soundcard..


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Help! Just had to re-installed xp on my flatmates computer and now it's not recognizing the sound card, I most likely need a new driver but have no idea which one to get as apparently he got no discs that came with the computer.. know any way of finding this out with out opening the computer.. or if there is some other much more simple solution I haven't figured out yet..?


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hey there,


You need to figure out a few things.... firstly...


is the Sound Card part of the mainboard or a PCI device (if you're lost already yuou may need to be talked through some of this)


To find out the above you can take a look at the back of the pc and look at the following...



See the pc here, how the audio jack (Green jack) is part of the vertically shaped rectangle nearer the top of the machine? That means the sound card is actually part of the main board (mother board)


If the sound connector appears in one of the horizontal running areas of the back of the computer (like on the picture above where you can see the black cable is connected to)... the the sound card is a PCI card...





Once you have figured out the above for your friends PC, you will probably find the card is 'on-board' which means you have to figure out what kind of motherboard you have.


Dont be scared, opening up the case is the best way... I can give you a hand over the phone if you need it... chur

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