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whos keen to write some music for a film score ?


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yup so Im at film skool at the mo... at the end o the year I am doing a ten minute film , have written 80 percent of the script... and yes well its gonna be full on,,,not gonna elaborate too much about it here but lets just say its a urban head fuck tale. all about how people who search for false dreams get their wish and then some . the pace of it is based on the amen loop if you can imagine a film with the same visual tempo as most dnb , ur on the right track.


so who is keen to help me out ,,, I cant pay you but you can experiment a bit and who knows maybe work more in this area later ...


so hit me up if ur keen, there wont be too much work involved I just need some sound scapes and other instramental stuff to wcreate the mood and all the dnb that we have at skool that is free of copyright sux.


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I can remix 'Mary had a little lamb' on a touch-tone phone yo!

Got some 3 blind mice biz goin on too!!!!!!1!


Throw a basic dnb beat over it and you have a classic track


Sounds like he needs to collaborate with Clipz and make a mobile phone step hit.

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