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pakage's showcase showcase


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I've always been impressed by the flyers you cranked out too Pakage, would be cool to see them all in a collage or something.


here you go bro.. all the flyers that i could find that ive done for the dbnz showcase's (in chronological order) and a couple extra bits thrown in there too.














and here's a couple other ones ive done:





and lastly heres a random bit of art that i did for my dad for this birthday:



you'll have to right click then click 'view image' to see it propperly and to read the txt.


hope ya liked em

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If you are refering to the Cern flyer, Critter did that one from memory



and nato did the bulletproof one. he also helped me with the b2b one and the bailey poster.


thanks nato

Ah and don't forget I helped with the lighting on the Nato one.. Not that you notice any lighting what-so-ever

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yeah bro, feeling the eternal battle.

i'm still hyped on that agent alvin flyer... i remember going to that gig totally dreaming i'd see some smoking hot spy/sexy russian/girl on fire...

pretty sure there was at least one moment where i needed a cold shower ay.


looking forward to next week

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