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The "help pakage stay out of jail" thread


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Hey guys,


as most of you know im neck deep in a pile of shit at the moment and im trying to dig myself out to atleast waist height..


theres a couple things i can do to try and get given a light sentence:


firstly i need to build a good character case for myself and proving to the courts that i've turned my life around. Im doing this by supplying the courts with a voluntary drug test to show im clean, attending CADS (Community Alcohol & Drug Services) group meetings, booking myself into a live-in rehab course and providing them proof that in general i have a positive effect of society through my charity work and my skill sets.


secondly, using case law i need to try and prove to the judge by using previous sentences as examples that he wouldnt be being inconsistant by letting me off lightly.


So i found this website that contains all the case notes and that for New Zealand and am currently trying to dig through them to find similar cases to mine.


Theres heaps though..


if anyone has some spare time and they wanna have a dig to try and find some example cases for me to give to my lawyer to present to the judge then feel free.


the website is:




basically, im looking for any cases that are against first time offenders for the possession of A class controlled drugs for supply.


any will do, but preferrably ones with minimal sentences like home detention or something.


post up your finds here.



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you might need to help us out a bit here paks


can you post up a link that more specifically locates NZ District court descisions/case law


i cant seem to find it on the site, only high court, appeals and taxation and crap, no district stuff

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man i havn't seen 1 district court descision on that site yet... i don't think it has any.


i dont even know if there is an oline database of criminal rulings from the DC...


if you can find one paks ill put in some work4 ya.


also: are you sure you can use case law in the DC ?



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not to be rude... well done finding that case but honestly I think it's not relevant enough to this situation as anything to do with Meth is going to be treated a lot differently.


I'll be on that website combing for ya Pakage as soon as I get back to work

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anything to do with Meth is going to be treated a lot differently.


unfortunately i had 19 grams of cut speed on me, and theyre trying to charge me with 19 grams of meth for supply..


aparantly it doesnt matter about the quality. all the lab results are gonna come back and say is "there was 19 grams of powder which contained meth" even if its only like 1gram of meth to 18 grams of glucose...


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Sup Bruv this shit is lame.... Anyway had a look on that website found this case http://www.nzlii.org/cgi-bin/sinodisp/nz/cases/NZHC/2008/111.html?query=drug%20conviction the name of the case is: R V ADENE KAHA BROUGHTON AND ORS HC WANG CRI 2007-083-1429 [2008] NZHC 111 (20 February 2008) Basically 3 guys charged with conspiracy to supply a class a drug. They got 12 months 12 months and 8 months respectively.

This was for methamphtamine and they also had mob connections which may have fucked them a bit.

Hope that helps let me know if I'm off the mark citing this case and I'll refine my search criteria.

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it's gonna be a tough one eh... check these cases out - all from the high court. I got them from a different website and think i pretty much looked at all of the relevant cases there were about 60 of them


cases 1



One of them (127140) got home detention but it was quite a bit less gear than what you got caught with tbh:


four individually packed bags of methamphetamine (a total of 0.72 grams), a tin which held 13 tabs of LSD, 7 individually packed bags of cannabis (a total of 78 grams) and a further 3.23 grams of cannabis in a tin. There were some cannabis seeds and valuable building tools that had earlier been reported stolen. The Police also found weighing equipment, a supply of plastic bags and in total $4,910 in cash.
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Umm, I know someone who had quite a substantial amount more than you on them. Did roughly 8 months and then home det for a while. They're quite well known in their scene now, so I'll PM you info. Up to you to contact him and find out relevant infos though bruv. I'm pretty sure his case could be directly compared he was interestingly enough in a fairly similar situation.

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Hey Pakage

this is probly a bit late sorry, but on the LexisNexisNZ website, the one lawyers use alot, I found the case of R v Arthur - [2005] 3 NZLR 739. It concerns mainly sentencing, and has good obiter discussions on purity from the Court of Appeal, and even a table of purity/quantity vs sentence from previous cases.


Judges were open to lowering sentence to one or two years, but because dude was caught supplying four teenagers he got the book.

good luck

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Just ask him what seperates you form Mark Ellis.


Marc Ellis was charged with fuck-all though. Can't really compare.


When's the next mission out to see Craig fellas? Me and Christie were thinking of heading out this Sunday arvo.

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