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April Fools 08


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Anyone seen anything worth sharing today?


Liqourland did something in the herald, but that's all i've seen


I'm guessing the next 12 or so hours we will get more from the web.


Blizzard, google etc usually come up with some good ones.

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saw this on the freeriden forums.


"here's an email our IT guy sent around this morning "


Hi everyone,


Some of you may have noticed yesterday that I installed several updates on your computers relating to the new daylight savings settings that the Government has introduced. This time last year, we’d already reverted back to normal time, but this year, we keep daylight savings until the end of this week.


For all of our computers and server, the updates have been a success and there were no major dramas. Unfortunately, the company which provides our phone systems and internet connection, Asian Pacific Telecommunications, has had many problems updating their systems and therefore starting today, there are several new procedures we must use to make a telephone call.


From 10:30am today, all headsets will stop functioning. This will mean we’ll be required to pick up and use the handset.


From 11:00am today, the handsets will be reversed. That is, you’ll need to speak into the speaker and listen to the microphone. They were unable to explain this bug, but are almost certain it is somehow related to the daylight savings changes.


Lastly, from 2:00pm, emails will no longer send automatically. To work around this, we will print out all E1s, E2s, E3s and Appointment Confirmations during admin time. Jess will take these to the phone company at the end of the day and they have offered to post these to our prospects free of charge via Australia Post. Unfortunately, this will mean you’ll need to collect a postal address for all prospects, as well as an email address.


I have spoken to Asian Pacific Telecommunications this morning and they apologise for any inconvenience caused.





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personally i think real life april fools jokes are more fun......


like parking the work truck around the corner from the yard and walking back to tell your boss you crashed it into something and its written off.....

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