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Help with soundcard


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Hey guys thanks for taking the time. Ill make it quick!


I'm going to get a custom laptop built for insane graphic work :photoshop, 3d programs etc and for my music production :cubase, sample modulation and recording.


I don't know much about sound cards, and the capability with laptops etc but if any one can help me choice which sound card I should get put into this beast I would thank you from the highest Skies!


I really want the best audio sample rate supreme sound quality performance elite!



Thanks again




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how much do you want to spend?


all the top quality stuff has external converters... RME Fireface 400 is wicked. The Motu Ultralite is alright as well. Next step down in price is probably the M-Audio stuff


I should also say that there is more than the highest sample rate to having a good soundcard! There isn't much point in going higher than 96kHz imo and even that's over the top. There are far more important things to worry about than increasing the sample-rate

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Thanks Perpeptual. Im ganna check out those niggas tonight? do u think it would work in a laptop setup tho? looks pretty chucky! the RME FireFace 400 that is.



O can i check out ur myspace. Mean sounds man. Dig ur tunes!

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Um you mean cause of power?


I don't think it's bus powered eh... So you'd need to use a wall adapter


The ultralite is probably a better option if you want to be super portable but even that's pushing it. High performance and high portability are totally different requirements so you'll have to decide which is more important to you


and cheers, glad your feeling them

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