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just another HOME hunter...

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yo, so i'm looking for somewhere to stay.

for my girl and i, or just me to share a room/flat in the central auckland hub.

we're both fairly easy going, working full time, responsible(pay bills and clean up after ourselves) and dont mind a bit of drum and bass...so, would be wanting to live with similar people.

we got a bit of stuff (lounge suite, teev, espresso machine, barby, computer desk, woosh etc...) which we're happy to bring into the house but could be stored if the place is already furnished.

we'll be away for the month of may but will be happy to keep paying rent if the price is right.


would like to move back over the bridge ASAP.



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Wish we had a big pad right now would be mad to have you both there!


Anyway if you get stuck there's always our lounge not so flash but you're always welcome.


Better come visit soon!! Party there on 29th.. I'm turning into an old bitch

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Depending on when you're needing a place from, my flatmate is leaving on the 6th of April and I'll have a spare room for a month, so if you guys want a cheap place to stay for a few weeks till you go away, you're more than welcome....

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