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I aint racist but......


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this phrase sets alarm bells off when I hear it...

I hear it all the time it makes me sick, such a cop out and a cover up..

is this phrase an excuse to wander off on a neo facist tiraid ? or is it a social cover up constructed by the politically correct to cover their hatred/arses and make it more acceptable...

and are YOU not racist BUT.......


thoughts comments theories

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I think the comment could be fine under certain context... I don't mean to be racist, but White folk tend to be more at risk of developing skin cancer than black folk...


I don't know if that's true or not, but if you have the facts to backup a statement... and you demean/undermine a certain race... it's not a crime... it's just the way it is. People are not all the same... move to Dunners.... get over it


I agree that probably that statement is misused 99% of the time though... just gotta defend the 1% of peeps using it wisely

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I don't mean to be a racist but chicks just can't drive.


Missionary ftw


meh... it's all about "The reverse cowgirl"


Like this?


Or more like this?


First one.


Havent tried the second one... (makes mental note to mention it to g/f tonight)




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No, but a penis that bends.


Viagra mate. We have a cure... (if I could find a youtube video of that ad on TV where the sink bends over i'd so link it right now)


PS. You're racist.


yeah... think your missing the point mate.. anways....

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