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Season Passes for Ruapehu


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another reason not to buy a pass...there is always the chance it wont snow or blows up and you know there aint no refunds when that happens.....actually...there is no refunds ever...

mountains are worse than finance companies.


let the kids ride free and snake the lift line......its more fun when you steal the ride.

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To true, but fuk it, can always flick the pass off for a couple of hundy to someone, chop out the photo n relaminate worst case. Only gotta use it a couple of times to pay for itself.


North island mountains are good mountains but being so exposed sucks the big one.

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Hahahaha Zeb you cheap-ass.


Ruapehu isn't all that expensive compared to overseas mountains. And that money is quite visibly being invested back into the infrastructure of the mountain (new lifts/cats/terrain-park equipment), so you can't complain there either...








... but yea, shit aint fucking cheap by any means, it really does suck watching the price go up every year.

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to be honest ive only been up ruapehu once in the last five years and previous to that i rode at remarks,coronet and snowpark down south with the occaisional couple of days in spring on my way home from the south island and i guess ruapehu have stepped up their game quite a bit from what i saw on that one day as compared to when i did a season there in 99.

ill be keen as to go for a shred with you guys this year though,im still gonna scam it though...."we are not the droids your lookin for"

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that jedi mind trick shit definately works ay...

i rode all day once cadrona for free then i got to the very bottom lift to a massive queue and two guys scanning every ticket...

waited till i just got to the front and asked if anyone had handed in a volcom beanie with a "moose"* on it?

he asked his buddy and by the time they knew it i was on the chair...


then the next day, they were nazi-ing out on the checking so i hiked the pipe till i had a crash...

went to the ticket office, told them my pass must of ripped off in the crash and i was riding free as a duckagain.

you dont need to see his i.d.

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yeah fuck those prices going up every year.. will probably go with the spring pass this time around... only broke even on the season pass the last 2 years..


still doing your year round pass at Snowplanet Weasel?


Nah, fuck that shit, wayyyyyyy too fucking expensive. Snowplanet is such a fucking rip-off now.


Although, that said, their setup is now a shitload better, but still... easier and cheaper to just go up there once in a while and pay per hour or whatever.

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why would you wanan go to that shit hole anyway. its a joke.


When was the last time you were there? It's not THAT bad these days, they've gone lot harder on the terrain-park type stuff... Ok, maybe only the rails.. the jump is still just a big lump of snow.


But you need to go either early on a weekday (which I cant, damnit) or early on a weekend morning in order for it to NOT be solid ice.


Sure, it aint "Ski Dubai" and it sure as shit aint a proper ski-resort, but it's better than nothing in the middle of summer for those of us who cant make it to the Northern Hemisphere. (bear in mind I dont skate or do any other summer "board-sport").

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six beers,a spliff,and a rowdy crew fiending for real snow can make it surpisingly entertaining zakk....but i agree.....shithole.

that spliff is always best after the first hour of riding i find... otherwise i just stumble in like a zombie...

as for easiest place to scam hes right there... although the new manager is fairly vigilant about dero spotting so keep it DL>


i rememebr my first season on the snow. turoa, railway row, dero as fuck. borrowing gear, hiking to the giant and staying above the midstation all day...

clipping tickets, pretending to be moose for day passes...

kune was a dero's heaven then, move bar, stein night, mexican night at margi's, pool comps, wood raiding, picking up glasses in the keg on friday nights to pay rent in a four bedroom house with about seven dudes living in it...

i thought i was fully ripping the next season when i went back with my own setup AND a season pass....

that board was so ghetto. a LAMAR world currency square twin tip with lowback bindings that could only screw on in certain configurations... hundred bucks with bag & leash!

i wont even go into how i got my next stick.

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aaaahhhh the wood missions.....no lights on at six pm midweek???its open game on your outdoor firewood stash...ha ha...

we used to clean out peoples whole stash with five trip's in the civic and a train of boys back at the house to lug it into the lounge...

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