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BULLETPROOF Presents BULLET TIME-tracklist.-28/02/08


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Noisia & Phace - Levitation [VISION]

Bulletproof & Teknik - Vision [CYANIDE]

Nphonix - Ephyra (Dose Rmx) [FULL FORCE]

C4C - Reality Check [C4C]

Lifted Crew - Levitate [LIFTED]

Absolute Zero & Subphonics - The Code (SKC Remix) [RENEGADE HARDWARE]

The Upbeats - Troglodytes

Gridlok - Bottomfeeder [Project 51]

Dose & Cern - Jack Black [REVOLUTION]

Psidream & Pacific - Throwback [?NIGHTFALL?]

Phace - Simplicity [sUBTITLES]

Noisia & Mayhem (feat. MC Verse) - Choke [VISION]

Jonny L - Intasound [XL]

The Upbeats - antiSocial - Cyanide023

Bulletproof - Beirut (Agent Alvin remix) [N/A] (possible digital release only - will get onto it:)

Apex - Breath [LIFTED]




Razorgang - 3 Way [CYANIDE-dark times desperate measures lp]

Misanthrop - Cartridge

Mayhem - Split Second

Razorgang - Trenchfoot [CYANIDE-dark times desperate measures lp]

trillbass aka Switch - 9mm




White Stripes - Icky Thump (Upbeats Bootleg)

Bulletproof & The Upbeats - Universe [REDLIGHT]

Teknik & Menace - Gobbledock-dub

Phace - Brainwave VIP [sUBTITLES]

Catacomb - Root Vein [CYANIDE]

Noisia & Teebee - TimeStops [sUBTITLES]

Break - Catch Off [QUARANTINE]

Bulletproof & Concord Dawn - Datura [CYANIDE]

Bulletproof & Mindscape (feat Tiki Taane) - Dark Times [CYANIDE]

The Upbeats -Lick-A-Demon VIP

Ed Rush & Optical - Bacteria - Pendulum Remix - Virus

Bulletproof & Gridlok & MC Dino - Desperate Measures - [CYANIDE]

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yeah theres bfm sumer series shit on there coinciding with o week i guess, he's only sweet act on that i can see, twincam is mcing him whichl be sick, tiki should be allgood aswell, but then you got scribe and some others that i don't know who they are. should be pretty sweet, start of oweek so i should get pretty horsed ha

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An Emerald City are pretty sweet if you like spaced out musitc - Think a laid back version of Trans-Am? (Im hopeless with non dnb )


Tyra & The Tornados = Half the Opensouls from memory, so thats got to be full of win!


With those two, Tiki and Bulletproof its a summer series I might see you at =)

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