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Flatmate wanted in Kingsland


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Hakomi and Myself are looking for a third flatmate to fill a large double room in Kingsland. It's a real cool house with lots of space. We're looking for a clean trustworthy flatmate that is into dnb. Would suit someone that mixes or wants to learn how to mix.


Rent is $160/week (not including expenses) or there's a smaller room that you could have for $150/week. Room becomes available next Thursday.



If you're interested hit me a message on here or ph





No crackheads.

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How did I know that there would be an innane reply waiting for me on this thread from you Mike? I must have some kind of super powers...



It's one of my many gifts I share with this forum You know I only joined these forums to post shit like this, I mean I can have indepth informative DNB discussions on Bassdrop

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