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Fraser S

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well bdo 08 ova and out...

and man ,,, what a churrr day


out of 14 I rate it at number 7




u,n,k,l.e>> solid trip hop dark and brooding

dizzie >> madd madd madd incendiary crowd, hottest the boiler room has ever been

hill top hoods... they had like a madd orchestral section thay were def a nice surprise

carl cox..solid rave core OLD skool bizzo

bjork,,, phat stage show and that flags choon is epic

krafty kuts (from a far sounded werdz,,, but I was well rinsed)

tiki and the shapeshifter bwoys were wikkid too


FOR THE FUCKING WIN!,,,,,,,,,,how long NOT long for what you reap is what you sow,,,this is for the people of the sun...

and last but not least dr doom,dr octagon kool keith,,, excellent (although a bit thugged out)


will send pics thru in the next couple o days (hopefully they will b put up soon,,ahem indepth??)


roll on bdo09,,,def no class a action fer me im gettin to old.. sigh

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