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Build your own 'free energy' hovercraft.


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The theory is sound, you simply take two of natures laws and use them to your advantage.


Law 1: A cat will always land on it's feet.


Law 2: A buttered piece of toast will always land butter side down.


This would suggest that you have 2 equally opposed forces of resistance...


Take one million cat's (no more, no less) and one million slices of buttered toast, stick the buttery side of the toast to the cat's belly's and affix with tape.


Strap said buttery toast cat's together and you have yourself a hovercraft with which you can travel to the island.



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and how about every white tee shirt you own will eventually get blood or tamato sauce on it.....


I'm not sure how to use this stat to my advantage as well as the cat hovercraft...


Possibly by always carrying one around as a method to divert stains away from my other light coloured items?

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Where did you find this? Has someone already patented my idea?


This is what happened with my waterproof, silicone filled, spa-bath pillows. And my lazer powered lawnmower as well.




If you have an idea...if no one else can help...and if you cant find it...maybe you can hire...




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