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Serious Business TV - Phat 08 Coverage


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In this thread I will store all the Serious Business TV coverage of Phat08. Including the lead up and the party itself.


I'd like to get the party started with an interview I held with Dave and Selena of Phat club. The people (alongside their fine team of course) responsible for bring you the good times.

Here's the link:


When I have the time I will add some interviews I have conducted with artists who will be playing at Phat08, both from serious Business TV and from my days as a Cow TV reporter. (I know many of you will have seen them already but I don't care. I'm doing it for the lurkers baby.)

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Im keen to have a look anyway - Nice one =)


Also Perceptual Chaos + Hakomi tune FTMFW!!!


And Sam on the footage at Phat?


Yea it's a dope tune for sure, that's why I piked it!


Sam is my camera guy for Phat(he did the camera work for that interview as well) but I'll be holding it for a night so he does have the chance to get amoungst with his facial steez

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As I promised I'm bumping this bad boy with some old school interviews of artists performing at Phat08.


Here's one I did for Serious Business TV with Auckland Neurofunk producers Cern (catch them at the pre-party at 2:30am):


Here's some from my days as a Cow TV music reporter in 2006:


Rene of Black Sun Empire (1am, mainstage, 2nd):


Trei (6pm, stage 2, 30th):


Vanadis (10am, mainstage, 1st):


(this one is more about SBK turning 8 years old)
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